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The Diverse Benefits Of A Electric Fireplace Installation In Calgary & Red Deer

Instant Fumeless Heat

Enjoy immediate warmth without odours, smoke or the need to clean up ash or logs.

Amazing Design Options

Wall mount and electric fireplaces let you imbue your apartment with classic ambiance even if you’re tight on space or cash.

Safety for Kids and Pets

If you’re the head of a growing family, electric fireplaces are ideal for keeping everyone warm and burn-free.

Installation is Easy

Our technicians can mount your electric fireplace in minutes. The biggest challenge is usually finding a free outlet.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Electric Fireplace Company

An electric fireplace installation is a vent-free option for the home that mimics the aesthetics of a fireplace burning a conventional fuel source. These fireplaces can be installed nearly anywhere, creating endless possibilities for design options in any room. Electric fireplace inserts can be used to re-purpose a conventional wood burning fireplace, removing the need to remodel an existing room for a electric fireplace installation. These fireplaces plug into the wall and can be used as a modest heater, or simply as a display with no heat. Electric Fireplaces come in both Traditional and Modern Styles, and can be matched to any room regardless of prior décor.

The main advantages of an electric fireplace installation are that they easy to install, they do not generally require as much remodelling to fit into an existing room, and they do not require any chimney to be installed. These advantages make the electric fireplace the best option for anyone looking to refresh the look of a room without a substantial remodel.

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How We Bring the Best in Electric Fireplaces to Calgary and Red Deer

We’ve partnered with FIREPLACE XTRORDINAIR to provide the absolute pinnacle of electric fireplaces. Our Calgary and Red Deer customers love these options because of features like remote controls, music streaming and high-efficiency heat that makes it possible to transform any space in seconds. These electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts are the ultimate in true plug-and-play convenience.

How TH Fireplaces Makes It Effortlessly Simple to Enjoy Electric Fireplaces

We Carry Only The Best

High Quality Fireplaces

Every product we stock is carefully vetted to ensure that it performs in the most demanding conditions.

We'll Help To Repair &

Maintain Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is more than an attractive centrepiece. We work tirelessly to keep yours functional and efficient.

Great Value

At Great Prices

Our competitive fees reflect our belief that you should be rewarded for your fireplace investment.

Choose From a Vast Range 

of Fireplaces

TH Fireplaces makes it easy to enjoy warmth that suits your sense of style and purpose.

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Electric fireplaces may seem simple, but there are countless choices and options. Our expertise means that you can depend on us to provide the perfect comfort appliance for your modern interiors. Whether you’re primarily motivated by a desire to create a cozy inviting atmosphere or simply want economical warmth, working with a TH Fireplaces specialist gives you the freedom to pick and choose.
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